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Stargate Worlds is breaking with the traditional Mage-Warrior-Healer triumvirate of fantasy MMORPG's. The Archetypes are somewhat different to those traditionally found in MMORPG's. There will be no specific healer class, as everyone has the ability to be a medic, although some archetypes will be better than others at healing and reviving others. Opportunity for specialization within classes, and the ability of more than one class to perform certain functions within a group, should lead to more flexibility in grouping. A robust tech tree will make each class far more customizable and replayable.

Archetypes in Stargate Worlds are a bit more flexible than in other MMO's. Players test out many abilities as they begin their character. Each Archetype will have three specialization trees to mix and match skill from. This will define a particular play style over time. No end game instance will need a particular class to be successful, although the developers have yet to rule out a particular play style being necessary for certain instances.

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Until the game is released, this class list and the classes themselves are subject to change. Stay tuned as further information comes to hand. Both the Scientist and the Archaeologist will excel in non-combat gameplay with various types of puzzles to solve and gain access to new and exciting advances. In addition there are likely to be quests specifically for these and other Archetypes.

Each Archetype will have its own starting area. In addition to learning how to play each Archetype, this starting zone will also give the players a rich back-story that comes from 10 seasons of Stargate SG1.

The system that will allow players to specialize their characters will be deep and robust. Rather than having abilities and augmenting these through the use of a talent tree, such as in World of Warcraft, players will select all of their abilities through the specialization trees.

Each Archetype will have 3 specialization trees and players will be allowed to mix and match from these separate trees for their Archetype. As players level, they will receive points to spend on these abilities, with an additional free ability every 5 levels. Players will be able to master any one tree and half of another tree, or half of two and two-thirds of the other, or any combination of skills up to the number of points they have to spend.

See the individual Archetypes for more information on the specializations.

You will not be able to switch Archetypes, but there will be up to 3 specializations per Archetype. Replay value will also be a major feature in the game.