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ATBox Asgard.png
Multi-function Archetype
Faction Faction SGU.png
Race(s) Asgard
Avail at Launch Yes
Damage Type TBA
Armour Types TBA
Specifications Attack Programs
Defensive Programs
Sceience Programs
Starting Location TBA
Fits Playstyle Decisive DPS

While physically frail, the Asgard are masters of technology and will have a strong science ability. They depend on drone technology to survive and thrive. By calling upon different types of drones to attack, defend, heal, or analyze, the Asgard becomes a true jack-of-all-trades. When faced with dire circumstances, the Asgard can possibly bring in their mighty starships to devastate the enemy with orbital bombardments. This may be a special attack.

By being able to fit into a number of different roles, it is likely the Asgard will choose their 'class' by specializing in different types of the drone technologies. The Asgard will be a faction specific class, disallowing evil alignments. As an Asgard player advances in levels, he/she is able to upgrade the drones by a couple of different means. The drones will be incapacitated with the player, and will not die. In effect, one can say, the Asgard and their drones are one.


Current Activities[]

Information about the Asgard in Stargate Worlds is currently unknown.

Unique Abilities[]


Asgard will be able to bombard enemies with their starships but this will probably come at a high price. What this ability will cost or how powerful it is isn't known.

Originally, it was a promoted ability of the Asgard but is currently viewed as unconfirmed.

Specialization Trees[]

Attack Programs[]

Exactly what it says on the tin. Pure out-right damage, drone-style.

Science Programs[]

This tree is an uncertainty. Whether it will focus on drone upgrades via shielding / attacking / preparation / auras etc is unknown.

Defensive Programs[]