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Loyalist Jaffa
ATBox LoyalistJaffa.png
Ranged, Melee DPS
Faction Faction Praxis.png
Race(s) Jaffa
Avail at Launch Yes
Damage Type TBA
Armour Types TBA
Specifications Alien Lore
Goa'uld Teachings
Tau'ri Teachings
Starting Location Earth, The Castle
Fits Playstyle TBA

The Jaffa (pronounced ja'FAH) are modified humans genetically engineered by the Goa'uld in antiquity to serve as soldiers and as incubators for their young. Their story is primary told through Teal'c. The main difference between a Jaffa and a normal human is an abdominal pouch accessible from the outside by a X-shaped slit. The pouch serves as an incubator for a larval Goa'uld, known as a prim'tah, which improves their ability to successfully take a host upon maturation from 50% to nearly 100%. The Goa'uld have a device capable of quickly transforming humans into Jaffa.

The larval symbiote grants the Jaffa enhanced strength, health, healing, and longevity (in excess of 150 years). However, the presence of the symbiote also replaces the Jaffa's immune system, and if removed the Jaffa will die a slow and painful death that can only be avoided by lifelong regular injections of the drug Tretonin which replaces the prim'tah's functions in the jaffa body. The Jaffa equivalent of puberty is the Age of Prata, at which time a prim'tah must be implanted. Jaffa do not require sleep, but must engage in a form of meditation called kelnorim in order to synchronize with their symbiote. It is possible for a Jaffa to communicate with his/her symbiote through a dangerously deep state of kelnorim.


Playable by : Praxis.

Much like the Free Jaffa in almost every aspect, the Loyalist Jaffa are a force to be reckoned with.

However, unlike their counterparts, the Loyalists do not view the Goa'uld as 'false gods'. They deem the return of Ra, the emergence of Anat and the power still held and unleashed by Ba'al as signs that there are indeed gods among them after all.


Unique Abilities[]

Ground Blast[]

A Heavy Damaging target AoE blast. The pure damage from the staff weapon fired at an enemies feet, explodes knocking them off their feet.


This delightful ability when used against opposing Jaffa, causes a temporary state of 'madness'. The Jaffa questions their own loyalty and can hit their own allies.

Specialization Trees[]

Alien Lore[]

Goa'uld Teachings[]

Tau'ri Teachings[]