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ATBox Scientist.png
Minor DPS, Support
Faction Faction SGU.png Faction Praxis.png
Race(s) Human
Avail at Launch Yes
Damage Type TBA
Armour Types TBA
Specifications Medical
Starting Location Earth, The Castle
Fits Playstyle TBA

The Scientist in a broad sense, is one engaging in a systematic activity to acquire knowledge. In a more restricted sense, a scientist is an individual who uses the scientific method. The person may be an expert in one or more areas of science. Scientists perform research toward a more comprehensive understanding of nature, including physical, mathematical and social realms.

Philosophy can be seen as a distinct activity, which is aimed towards a more comprehensive understanding of intangible aspects of reality and experience that cannot be physically measured.

Scientists are also distinct from engineers, those who design, build and maintain devices for particular situations. When science is done with a goal toward practical utility, it is called applied science. An applied scientist may not be designing something in particular, but rather is conducting research with the aim of developing new technologies and practical methods. When science is done with an inclusion of intangible aspects of reality it is called natural philosophy.[1]


Playable by : SGU & Praxis Factions (OP-Core)

Being a combination of pure scientist and engineer, this is the "Samantha Carter" Archetype. When exploring new worlds, this class is definitely handy to have on hand if you encounter advanced technology. Scientists can specialize in analyzing, repairing, and using technologies.

They can also use new technologies to craft personal upgrades. Their utilization on the battlefield revolves around their ability to construct devices such as gun turrets, shields, and target inhibitors. They can also specialize in healing and resurrection technology.

Like the Archaeologist, the Scientist can solve puzzles, but only those of a technological nature. These puzzles will be in the form of minigames.

Mini Games[]

Scientist's when in game slowly, but surely, get access to a multitude of mini games. From a recent Q&A with CME's Khestral and Ledaye we learnt the following:

Icon Quote.png "Players who offer their services to solve mini-games for other players register at terminals in their home cities. When a player in the field is challenged by a mini-game, he can a) play it himself, b) send it off to an NPC to play it (Sam Carter or Nerus, for example) or c) send it off to another player, one who has registered at a terminal. NPCs charge a set amount to play the game, while other players can set any fee they want (they can charge less for a guild member than someone they don't know, for instance). An interface is brought up and the interface lists the players available, their level, and what they would charge."

You pick the player you want to try the game, and it appears on that other players' screen. He plays the game (win or lose) and then the result is sentback to you.


Unique Abilities[]

Gravity Well[]

Acts as a trap for opponents.


Draw Fire: Fires in such a way as to draw fire allowing teammates to flank.

Hazardous EMP[]

Loads an EMP dart that can disrupt mechanical opponents.

Specialization Trees[]


A brilliant talent tree specialisation that every command and team leader needs. Although SGW doesn't solely depend on "tanks" and "healers" having medics around to top health up, or even buff regen durations can turn the tide of battle.


Allows the Scientist to provide technological upgrades to a players weapons or even armor; even short term buffs for battle / out of battle use.


Provides the scientist with the ability to create back-up weapons such as turrets, shields for range players and inhibitors for close-combat.