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ATBox Soldier.png
Heavy DPS, Can Tank
Faction Faction SGU.png Faction Praxis.png
Race(s) Human
Avail at Launch Yes
Damage Type TBA
Armour Types TBA
Specifications Automatic Weapons
Heavy Weapons
Starting Location Earth, The Castle
Fits Playstyle TBA

A soldier is one who fights as part of an organized land-based armed force; if that force is for hire the person is generally termed a mercenary soldier, or mercenary. The majority of cognates of the word "soldier" that exist in other languages have a meaning that embraces both commissioned and non-commissioned officers in national land forces.[1]


Playable by : SGU & Praxis Factions (OP-Core)

As a battlefield veteran, the soldier is your best protection when stepping through the Stargate. They have the ability to specialize in a variety of weapons including grenades, automatic weapons, machine guns, mortars, and rocket launchers.

Their job is to unleash raw firepower into enemies. With additional training, they can also learn basic healing, the use of alien weaponry, and teams leadership. Command skills will allow the player limited use of healing technologies and skills to increase team performance. Heavy and Automatic Weapons skills will increase a player's performance with each of these weapons classes.


Unique Abilities[]


Single target volley fire : Range Based.

Specialization Trees[]

Automatic Weapons[]

This tree does what it says on the tin, maxing out mass damage from maximum range, cover fire specialities etc


The Command tree focuses on mainly leading the team through the use of team buffing for +damage / accuracy etc - minor healing abilites to aid injured fellow players makes this a nice all-rounder.

Heavy Weapons[]

This talent tree will focus on those weapons doing the greatest target aoe range damage possible, bashing out those Rockets into tight mobs.