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original page at First you will need the client So yeah, there's the client. StargateWorlds(0.8348.1.4046)(2009-06-30)(beta).rar

You'll also need the patch StargateWorldsPatch.7z

Then to connect to my server, you'll need this login file, which gets placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\FireSky\Stargate Worlds-QA\Working\SGWGame\Content\UI\Startup\Login LoginInternal.7z

Also to play on my server, you'll need an account.  So go here to submit your info, but note that i enter the accounts manually, so it will not be active right away, but shouldn't ever be more than 24 hours. SGW Account Request

And here's the gameplay tutorial again Stargate Worlds Guide

SGW Wiki SGW Official Wiki

Now there's a couple thing you need to know about SGW.

First, the game is unfinished.  There were actually different builds that had different parts working, so this version is sort of a combination of a couple different versions.  It has worlds that are huge and look real nice, but the missions in the database are not linked to the gameplay.  So there's not really any gameplay to speak of.  You can walk around and explore the planets, travel through the stargates, use the rings, and experiment with equipping items and spawning mobs by using console commands, but there's not much beyond that.

And second, it's a little more complicated to setup than SGR.  The patch contains many files which need to be added to the game.  And it's tedious to experiment with items without having the database to look through.  If you want to do a lot of experimenting, or want to help to finish the game, you should also setup your own private server.  It's not super complicated, it involves installing some programs, setting up a database, and some configuration files.  And it all runs on windows.

Whether or not you setup your own server, you should read through all the info in the SGW section so that you're familiar with everything you can do.